Health And Physical Fitness Tips

Everyone wants to lose weight and be healthy, but there are so many obstacles in our way. One major thing in our way is that our biology is against us. Our very own bodies seek the food groups that aren't good for us. The body naturally wants high calorie fat and high sugar food. So when we go on a diet, our body fights against us.

Even when it comes to exercise, many of us go about it the wrong way and we are not up on the modern research on exercise. This article will teach you how to eat and how to exercise in a way that will give you good results. Read these health and physical fitness tips and use them.

1. Exercise is the key to good health, but you have to know how to exercise.

    * Research has shown us that long extended steady state exercise is not the best for us. Working out on a treadmill for 1 hour isn't as good as doing 20 minutes worth of interval training.

    * The shorter and harder you workout the better. Long steady state exercise causes you to burn fat during the workout, but when you stop working out your body burns sugar. Short interval type workouts are the opposite. You burn sugar during the work out, but fat during rest. They also raise your metabolism and allow you to burn calories all day long.

Here is a good example of interval training, however as you will here him say, a stationary bicycle might be a better choice for some than the treadmill.  If you don't have access to either, just simply walking fast or sprinting for short periods can be just as effective.  Do what works for you.

2. What should you eat?

    * The natural human diet is one that consists of around 80 percent plant based foods and around 20 percent animal protein. This is the diet where you will never have to worry about portion control or ever being hungry.

    * What most people miss out on when dieting is the satiated effects of this diet. They starve themselves and restrict all of their favorite foods. The only way you can survive a diet that restricts all your favorite unhealthy foods is by having a diet that is very satiating.

Good example here is stir fry vegetables using coconut oil.  Just add a little chicken breast and you have a complete healthy meal.

As you can see, our bodies and our lack of knowledge is against us in our pursuit for good health. You need a little bit more knowledge to be successful. You need to know the modern way to exercise which isn't long steady state exercise but fast interval workouts. By following these health and physical fitness tips, you can achieve your goal with a fast and hard exercise workout and by eating a diet that is has a high vegetable content and a small amount of animal based protein.

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